2017 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director David Schumacher; editor Adam Zucker; consulting producer Lala Wood; film subjects Jacob DeWitte, Caroline Cochran, Professor Vijay Modi

NYC PREMIERE   Nuclear power has been vilified in popular culture as dangerous and harmful to the environment, but it may actually be the solution for the world’s future energy needs. Teams of nuclear engineers are developing next-generation reactors which can provide clean, safe energy to prevent global catastrophe due to climate change, and transform popular opinion about nuclear energy in the process. Could these audacious innovators be the agents of change the world has been waiting for? With unprecedented access, director David Schumacher has traveled the globe to show what youth and audacity can achieve in the face of impossible odds.


Science Non-Fiction


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Director: David Schumacher
Producer: David Schumacher
Cinematographer: Derek Wiesehahn
Editor: Adam Zucker
Music: Jeff Rona
Running Time: 84
Language: English, Woloff
Country: USA
Year: 2017