2016 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Katy Grannan; producer Marc Smolowitz; assistant director Hannah Hughes; composer Steven Emerson

NYC PREMIERE Celebrated photographer Katy Grannan transports us to a stigmatized world of drifters and hustlers in this exquisite portrait of a ravaged community living on a barren, forgotten street in California’s Great Central Valley. Her affectionate lens follows Kiki, a broken dreamer who nevertheless maintains a vital optimism that helps her survive in this precarious place. Grannan’s attention to gesture, relationships and the beautifully idiosyncratic details of her colorful subjects make for a remarkable first film.




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Director: Katy Grannan
Producer: Marc Smolowitz
Cinematographer: Katy Grannan, Hannah Hughes
Editor: Stephen Berger, Eli Olson
Music: Steven Emerson
Running Time: 98
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2016