2019 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Co-Director Matthew O'Connor, producer James De Val, co-producer Giselle Fryatt, executive producer Stephen Robert Morse, consulting producer Cassandra Roberts, subject Minnie Lane

US PREMIERE Inspired by Neil Strauss’ best-seller The Game, a little-known, billion dollar industry has developed that teaches men how to manipulate women into bed. What began as a few confidence-building techniques has grown into an international subculture in which alpha-male instructors teach misogynistic mind games and even coercion, all in the name of seduction. With unprecedented access to the world’s most notorious pickup artists, Matthew O’Connor and Barnaby O’Connor present a chilling look at men desperate to score, at any cost.






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On Twitter: pickupgamefilm
Director: Matthew O'Connor, Barnaby O'Connor
Executive Producer: Stephen Robert Morse, William Watson
Producer: James De Val, Cassandra Roberts, Mike Willoughby, Giselle Fryatt, William Watson
Writer: Mike Willoughby, Cassandra Roberts, Giselle Fryatt, James De Val, Matthew O'Connor, Barnaby O'Connor
Editor: Matthew O'Connor, Barnaby O'Connor
Music: Nick Tomassetti
Running Time: 96
Language: English
Country: United Kingdom, New Zealand
Year: 2019