WORLD PREMIERE In 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed the Kerner Commission to investigate why Black neighborhoods all over the country were “rioting” in protest. He was blindsided by the findings, which blamed the government for race-exclusive policies that fomented poverty, housing crises, unemployment, and discrimination. The film commemorates the landmark report and hints at lessons for a world where racism continues to be a divisive, damaging force. – Bedatri Choudhury 

The first screening will be followed by a Q&A with director/writer/producer Michelle Ferrari, executive producer Cameo George, and subject Senator Fred Harris.

This film contains the following accessibility options for viewers:
Closed Captioning for in-person screenings at IFC Center and Village East by Angelika
Descriptive Audio for in-person screenings at IFC Center and Village East by Angelika

All in-person screening venues provide sound amplification headphones upon request with venue management. IFC Center can also provide a T-Coil loop for compatible devices.

Director: Michelle Ferrari
Executive Producer: Cameo George
Producer: Connie Honeycutt, Michelle Ferrari, Jelani Cobb (co-producer)
Cinematographer: Rafael de la Uz, Antonio Rossi, Clare Major
Editor: Karl Dawson, Kristen Huntley (Additional Editing)
Language: English
Country: United States of America
Year: 2023
Publicist: CaraMar Publicity
US Distributor: PBS Distribution