Fed up with misdeeds committed by Chicago law enforcement and a political system unwilling to hold anyone accountable, two millennial Black women take action. Spoken-word artist Bella and PhD candidate Janaé work tirelessly rallying the community and challenging a power structure that historically turns a deaf ear to young, Black, female voices. Over the course of a year, filmmaker Ashley O’Shay documents these courageous activists in their quest for political liberation and social justice.  

This film has English language closed captioning available.  For more information about closed captions and accessibility at DOC NYC, please click here.

Executive Producer Yvonne Welbon is the recipient of the Leading Light Award, presented as part of DOC NYC 2020’s Visionaries Tribute.

Included with the screening ticket is an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Ashley O’Shay (Director), Morgan Johnson (Producer), Ambrell Gambrell (Subject), immediately following the film.

Director: Ashley O'Shay
Executive Producer: Yvonne Welbon, Jolene Pinder, Gordon Quinn
Producer: Morgan Elise Johnson, Ashley O’Shay; Associate Producer: Ethan Senser, Natalie Frazier
Writer: Ashley O'Shay, Rubin Daniels Jr.
Cinematographer: Ashley O'Shay
Editor: Rubin Daniels Jr.
Music: Sam Trump
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Publicist: Creative Public Relations
Sales Agent: Paradigm Talent Agency