NYC PREMIERE The residents of a dying Colorado mining town pin their hopes for economic resurgence on the promise of a new uranium mill—the first to be built in three decades—even as they continue to feel the dangerous effects of the last uranium boom. In the face of legal injunctions by environmental activists from a nearby resort town and the Fukushima disaster, how long can the community survive, and at what cost?

Screening with Helen Hood Scheer’s The Apothecary. A portrait of the public and private lives of the only pharmacist in a remote Colorado outpost.

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The Apothecary


In a Colorado outpost, the beloved druggist––a man who operates the only pharmacy within 4,000 square miles––navigates a profound divide between his public persona and personal life.


Director: Helen Hood Scheer; Producer: Helen Hood Scheer; Cinematographer: Helen Hood Scheer; Editor: Helen Hood Scheer; Music: William Ryan Fritch

Website: www.nutshellproductions.com/THE-APOTHECARY


Producer: Michelle Maughan
Cinematographer: Jim Hurst
Editor: Casey Nay
Music: Salesman
Language: English
Country: USA