2019 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Director Abby Ginzberg, editor Jim McSilver, subjects Saru Jayaraman, Nataki Rhodes, Mark Bittman

WORLD PREMIERE The National Restaurant Association, the “other NRA,” has lobbied the government to keep the federal minimum wage for tipped workers at $2.13 an hour since 1991. Facing off against this powerful lobby is Saru Jayaraman of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, who mobilizes grassroots support for a national movement to fight for one fair wage. Candid profiles of restaurant workers and their struggles to make ends meet underline the urgency to address this inequality.

Co-presented by Film Fatales



Fight the Power


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Director: Abby Ginzberg
Producer: Abby Ginzberg
Writer: Sharon Wood
Editor: Marta Wohl, Jim McSilver
Music: Todd Boekelheide, Marco d'Ambrosio
Running Time: 65
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2019