NYC PREMIERE In 2005 at Guantanamo Bay, US Air Force JAG Attorney Yvonne Bradley volunteered to defend Binyam Mohamed who was facing a death penalty. She soon finds her world flipped upside down, as she uncovers the harrowing truth about the US legal system and questions whether some detainees are truly terrorists. Bradley’s captivating story of a US military whistleblower is one that will have you asking, would you risk it all to do what’s right? – Kim Garcia

The first screening will be followed by a Q&A with Chris James Thompson, subjects Yvonne Bradley, Pam Bradley, Janet Hamlin.

This film contains the following accessibility options for viewers:
Closed Captioning for in-person screenings at IFC Center and Cinepolis Chelsea
Closed Captioning for online screenings

All in-person screening venues provide hearing impaired listening devices upon request with venue management.

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Director: Chris James Thompson
Executive Producer: Jack Turner
Producer: Jessica Farrell, Andrew Swant; Associate Producers Andy Gorzalski, Kyoko Morris
Cinematographer: Michael T. Vollmann, Erik Ljung, Ryan Reeve, Rubin Whitmore II, Quinn Hester
Editor: Chris James Thompson
Language: English
Country: United States of America
Year: 2022