Expected to Attend: Producers Hal Scardino, Sara Maamouri; executive producers Susan Kimberlin

WORLD PREMIERE This refreshing film offers a unique peek into the private lives of women who have survived unspeakable sorrow, yet blossom through the healing power of art. During a theater workshop in a Lebanese refugee camp, four Syrian women discover they have a lot in common with the ancient Greek heroine, Antigone, and experience freedoms forbidden in their homeland. Told with humor and heart, We Are Not Princesses elicits intimacy and honesty from its unlikely group of thespians.

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2018 - We Are Not Princesses





Official Site: http://www.wearenotprincesses.com
On Twitter: Princesses_doc
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeAreNotPrincesses/
Director: Bridgette Auger, Itab Azzam
Executive Producer: Susan Kimberlin
Producer: Hal Scardino, Sara Maamouri
Cinematographer: Bridgette Auger, Itab Azzam
Editor: Sara Maamouri
Music: Kaveh Vares
Running Time: 75
Language: Arabic
Country: UK, USA
Year: 2018