Runner Up: Audience Award DOC NYC 2020

Hélène and her son Aurélien produce wine on an idyllic French vineyard that’s been in their family for centuries. Kevin and his son Cona, hailing from a family of outlaws, are now legal purveyors of sun-grown cannabis in Humboldt County, California. Rebecca Richman Cohen’s film parallels the joys and challenges facing these small farming families, both equally passionate about their craft and their land. As the grapes and cannabis grow, so do the affection and understanding these parents and children have for each other. 

This film has English language closed captioning available.  For more information about closed captions and accessibility at DOC NYC, please click here.

Watch an exclusive pre-recorded Q&A with Director Rebecca Richman Cohen, Executive Producer Lauriane Jussiau and Subjects Kevin Jodrey, Nocona Jodrey, Hélène Thibon & Aurélien Thibon-Macagno.

Director: Rebecca Richman Cohen
Executive Producer: Alysa Nahmias, Lauriane Jussiau, Graham Boyd
Producer: Rebecca Richman Cohen; Co-Producer: Eric Phillips-Horst, Nathaniel Hansen
Cinematographer: Eric Phillips-Horst
Editor: Nathaniel Hansen
Music: Max Avery Lichtenstein
Language: English, French
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Sales Agent: Submarine Entertainment