2014 Alumni

Expected to Attend: Simon Trevor, Arne Glimcher, Ian Saunders

WORLD PREMIERE This front-line exposé of the modern day ivory trade explores its frightening impact—not only threatening elephant populations, but at times even funding terrorism. Narrated by Hillary Rodham Clinton, the film pays tribute to the beauty and emotional intelligence of the elephant and documents how the demand for ivory raises the stakes for nature, people and peace. Producer Arne Glimcher, founder of the Pace Gallery, joins forces with acclaimed wildlife filmmaker Simon Trevor and the producers of the African Environmental Film Foundation to tell the story. The filmmaking team will hold an extended conversation following the film.


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Official Site: http://africanenvironmentalfilms.squarespace.com
Producer: Arne Glimcher; Co-Producers: Tanya Saunders & Ian Saunders; Line Producer: Bonnie Hlinomaz
Cinematographer: Simon Trevor; Additional Cinematography: Ian Saunders
Editor: Amy Seplin & Grace Kline
Music: Jim Pywell
Running Time: 38 min.
Language: English
Country: USA