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NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE After her sons died and she could no longer conceive, Maggi chose the intellectually disabled Chun-hee as a second wife for her husband to continue the family line. Forty-five years later, and after their husband has passed, the two elderly women continue to share a life, but Maggi worries about Chun-hee’s fate after she too is gone. The humor and fragility of their intense relationship is intimately portrayed in this exquisite observational film about companionship and survival.

Indiewire’s Top 10 Must See Documentaries at DOC NYC


Modern Family


Director: Hyuckjee Park
Producer: Kyungsoo Han
Cinematographer: Hyuckjee Park
Editor: Hyuckjee Park
Music: Kwangmin Kim
Running Time: 92
Language: English, Korean
Country: South Korea
Year: 2014