DOC NYC Selects: Spring 2024 Season

Date: Tuesday, April 16
Time: 7:00pm ET
Venue: IFC Center, 323 Sixth Ave, NYC
TRT: 95 minutes

NYC PREMIERE What exactly is money? Easy question – except it is not. Filmmaker Maren Poitras tackles the fascinating history of money and the linked concepts of taxation and debt by following an underdog group of economists including Stony Brook professor Stephanie Kelton. With a radical shift in thinking around a concept dubbed Modern Money Theory, Kelton provocatively asserts new hope for democracies around the world to tackle the biggest challenges of the 21st century. 

Director: Maren Poitras
Producer: Maren Poitras

The screening will be followed by an on-stage conversation with filmmaker Maren Poitras and film participant Stephanie Kelton.