2023 Audience Award Winner

November 20, 2023

The votes are in… and the winner of DOC NYC’s 2023 Audience Award is Garland Jeffreys: The King Of In Between, directed by Claire Jeffreys and produced by Blair Foster, Rémi Grellety, Sam Pollard, Evan Oppenheimer, Juliana Terian, Danny Zelisko, and Steven Van Zandt! Garland Jeffreys, the mixed-race Brooklyn native whose music defied industry norms, receives long-overdue recognition in this enlightening documentary. His unique fusion of folk, soul, and rock earned him accolades abroad, yet left him underrated at home. Jeffreys’ story, narrated from his NYC home and featuring interviews with fans like Harvey Keitel, Laurie Anderson, and Vernon Reid, sheds light on the life and artistry of an unclassifiable talent.

Our runners up, in alphabetical order, are Lucha: A Wrestling Tale, directed by Marco Ricci and produced by Marco Ricci, Jonathan Judge-Russo, Mauricio Vasquez, Cherelle Connor (Associate Producer), Leah Goudsmit Cherelle Connor (Associate Producer), Dave Bernath (Associate Producer), and Kevin Duffey (Associate Producer); Mediha, directed by Hasan Oswald and produced by Hasan Oswald, Annelise Mecca, Fahrinisa Campana, Alexander Spiess, and Stephen Nemeth; No One Asked You directed by Ruth Leitman and produced by Rachel Rozycki, Andrea Raby, Ellen Barnard (Co-Producer), Nicole Bernardi-Reis (Co-Producer), DeAnna Cooper (Co-Producer), Susan Kerns (Co-Producer), Jess Mills (Co-Producer), and Ben Pagel (Co-Producer); and Pretty Ugly – The Story Of The Lunachicks, directed and produced by Ilya Chaiken! All of these films are available to watch online through November 26th!