Secrets of the Whales

A whale head emerging from a dark deep blue sea.

2021 Spring Showcase

Episode 1: “Orca Dynasty”

The screening was followed by an exclusive recorded conversation with National Geographic explorer & photographer/producer Brian Skerry and composer Raphaelle Thibaut. Click here to view.

ONLINE SCREENING SECRETS OF THE WHALES is an epic journey within the world’s oceans and seas, offering cinematic storytelling and breathtaking images of the planet’s most revered and largest marine mammals – whales. Filmed over three years and in 24 locations, the global Disney+ original series from National Geographic reveals the extraordinary communication skills and intricate social structures of five different whale species – orcas, humpbacks, belugas, narwhals and sperm whales – underscoring that whales are more complex and more like us than we ever thought. The series is narrated by Sigourney Weaver, and executive produced by James Cameron. Total running time: 49 minutes.

This online screening is available in the United States, US Territories and Canada.

Closed Captions are available for the conversation.

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