Filmed in Wuhan, China by an independent crew, 76 Days covers the length of the city’s lockdown for COVID-19. The film’s suspenseful pacing and otherworldly imagery make it feel like a science-fiction thriller. The heroes are the front-line hospital workers who still manage to find humanity and humor even while fully encased behind PPE. Debuting at the Toronto International Film Festival, 76 Days was widely praised as “utterly compelling” (The Atlantic), “invaluable” (Rolling Stone), and “one of the best” at TIFF (The New York Times).   (Courtesy of MTV Documentary Films)

Producer Jean Tsien is the recipient of DOC NYC’s Visionaries Tribute Lifetime Achievement Award for 2020.

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Director: Hao Wu, Weixi Chen, Anonymous
Executive Producer: Sheila Nevins, Bryn Mooser, Geralyn White Dreyfous, Naja Pham Lockwood, Jamie Chen, Roberto Grande
Producer: Hao Wu, Jean Tsien
Cinematographer: Anonymous, Weixi Chen
Editor: Hao Wu
Language: Chinese
Country: USA
Year: 2020
Publicist: Susan Norget
US Distributor: MTV Documentary Films