2019 Alumni

The School of Visual Arts’ MFA Social Documentary Film program teaches the artistic skills and techniques needed to tell compelling true stories that stimulate meaningful dialogue. SocDoc not only teaches the fundamentals of good storytelling, but guides students toward a career in the thriving documentary industry. The award-winning faculty is helmed by producer Maro Chermayeff (Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present), and includes Deborah Dickson (Lalee’s Kin), E. Donna Shepherd (Soundbreaking), Richard Hankin (The Jinx), Kirsten Johnson (Cameraperson), Ross Kauffman (E-Team), and Sam Pollard (4 Little Girls), among others. Program alumni have won Student Academy Awards® and have had their films screened theatrically, on television and in festivals worldwide.
DOC NYC U is co-presented by Kanopy


Kostya | Director: Oxana Onipko
Kostya is trying to redeem himself from his alcoholism.
(USA, 12 MIN) 

Drive | Director: Rohan Shrivinas Rao
Jacob gets nostalgic about driving a cab in the ‘70, but, with rideshare companies and increased taxes, his livelihood is at stake.
(USA, 7 MIN)

Wood Carver: Deborah Mills | Director: Shuming Zhang
Deborah’s craft is slowly disappearing, but she’s trying to bring it back.
(USA, 7 MIN)

All About Evie | Director: Adam Evans
A filmmaker’s late-night excursions into the increasingly baffling world of online chatbots.
(USA, 5 MIN) 

The Cure | Director: Yingzi Zhang
A young tattoo artist uses her art as an outlet to heal herself after a series of heartbreaking experiences.
(USA, 8 MIN)

Prospect Park | Director: Catherine Finsness
A pleasant immersion into Brooklyn’s beloved Prospect Park.
(USA, 4 MIN) 

A Little Mess | Director: Jamie Deredorian Delia
Artist Lydia Ricci utilizes scraps from her childhood home to create miniature sculptures of nostalgic objects.
(USA, 7 MIN)


2019 - DOC NYC U SVA


Running Time: 50