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NYC PREMIERE In this tender and sensitively observed portrait, octogenarians Feng and Lou have been inseparable for over 40 years, but aging and illness threaten their deep bond. Since Lou was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Feng has been her steadfast caretaker, but he’s growing increasingly worried about his own health. Is a nursing home the right solution, and how will Lou handle such a radical change to their living situation?

Screening with Travis LaBella’s Grandma Shirley. A woman must come to terms with moving into an assisted-living community.


WORLD PREMIERE A personal portrait that follows Shirley and her family as they navigate the challenges she faces late in life. This film will screen before PLEASE REMEMBER ME

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Director: Zhao Qing
Producer: Violet Du Feng
Cinematographer: Zhao Qing
Editor: Zhao Qing, Jean Tsien
Music: Wan Yizhong
Language: Shanghai Dialect
Country: P. R. China
Year: 2015