Women in front of and behind the camera share their stories with the world. (Total Running Time: 94 MIN)

Favorite Daughter | Director: Dana Reilly
Set within the close confines of a Tribeca apartment, three generations of women = comically shelter-in-place together during the COVID-19 pandemic. (USA, 19 MIN)

In Bloom | Director: Ashley Davidson
Two women create a custom furniture and woodworking business as they build a life together in the heart of Indiana. (USA, 8 MIN)

Her Scents of Pu Er | Director: Anna-Claria Ostasenko Bogdanoff
Master Tseng, the first female Master of Tea in Chinese history, invites you into a delicate sensory realm of the scent of tea. (FRANCE, 17 MIN)

Still Waters | Director: Aurora Brachman
Aurora Brachman’s touching short features her mother as she shares an unexpected and difficult moment in her childhood. (USA, 12 MIN, English)

Fight or Flight | Director: Lindsey Hagen
Colorado Parks and Wildlife first female pilot takes to the sky and leaves her troubles on the ground beneath her. (USA, 14 MIN)

Violet Gave Willingly | Director: Claire Sanford
A daughter documents her mother, intimately exploring her creative world as a textile artist, tracing the private details of her artistic process and inner life. (CANADA, 23 MIN) 

This screening will be followed by a Q&A with several members of the filmmaking teams.

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