DOC NYC PRO Day: Documentary Editing

A deep-dive into documentary editing and post-production, including sessions on storytelling and narrative; cutting while a director and editor are working remotely; and integrating archival and animation.

DOC NYC PRO Day: Documentary Producing

DOC NYC PRO presents a day dedicated to the art of documentary producing. Sessions will feature development, budgeting and fundraising tactics and strategies, along with case studies from veteran producers. The daylong course will also include an interactive Q&A breakout session and social hour.

DOC NYC PRO Day: Documentary Cinematography

Explore documentary cinematography in the current moment, including sessions on filming in sensitive environments; the practicalities and responsibilities of shooting during a pandemic; and a case study on the relationship between cinematographer and subject.

DOC NYC PRO Day: New Realities in Distribution & Audience Engagement

Individual tickets on sale for $40; or buy an All Access Pass to attend all DOC NYC PRO events for $150. DOC NYC PRO presents a day of education on current trends in documentary distribution and audience engagement, including sessions on theatrical and digital distribution for the pandemic context and beyond; new realities for audience […]

Monday Memo: A Call for Accountability & Fall Film Festivals Vow To Collaborate

Somehow I missed Sonya Childress and Natalie Bullock Brown’s call for accountability published in Documentary Magazine last week, so I wanted to make up for it by leading off with that excellent read this week. On the same topic, in an op-ed published yesterday filmmaker Stanley Nelson outlined why we need black filmmakers to tell the […]