1201x782 KEY - Coming Home (Credit Viko Nikci) (1)

INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE At the age of 25, Angel Cordero, an innocent man, was arrested and convicted of attempted murder following a stabbing in the Bronx. Viko Nikci follows him as he is released from prison after thirteen years into a new world of smartphones and social media. Readjusting to life on the outside, Angel has [...]


Occupy Hot & Crusty

NYC PREMIERE An Upper East Side Hot & Crusty bakery serves as the unlikely setting for an old-fashioned David vs. Goliath story in Rachel Lears and Robin Blotnick’s rousing film. After years of exploitation, Mahoma López, an unassuming sandwich maker, leads his fellow service workers as they demand better working conditions and wages. Risking their [...]


1201x782 KEY IMAGE - HOMMELESS_keypic_wide (Thomas Wirthensohn)

NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE From all outside appearances, Mark seems to have the glamorous New York City life that many would envy. Handsome and always impeccably dressed, the charismatic former male model works as a fashion photographer, appears in movies and attends the best parties. When he leaves those events, however, he heads to the East [...]


1201x781 KEY IMAGE - Penthouse North_1 (Agneta on her terrace) photo by Johanna St Michaels copy

NYC PREMIERE In her heyday, Swedish bombshell Agneta ruled the world from her fabulous Central Park West apartment. Though she once appeared on the covers of Playboy and Cosmo, the former model/actress now struggles to pay the rent, taking in roommates and international guests to make ends meet. Faced with eviction, will she finally face [...]


1201x782 KEY IMAGE -Rubble Kings Photo Two (Photo by Perry Kretz) copy

NORTH AMERICAN PREMIERE Confronting a bankrupt, decaying city and the dashed hopes of the civil rights generation, African-American and Latino teenagers violently took over the streets of 1970s New York. The South Bronx became a war zone ruled by gangs like the Savage Skulls and the Ghetto Brothers. Hypnotic archival footage and present-day interviews with [...]



NYC PREMIERE For Michael Dowd, being a police officer wasn’t a calling, it was just a job— and, assigned to the 75th Precinct in crime-ridden East New York, not an easy or lucrative one. Seizing the opportunity to profit, he stole money from drug dealers, eventually recruiting his partner into an expanding criminal ring. Their [...]


1201x782 KEY IMAGE, Spark_Kara Charles_string

WORLD PREMIERE Illustrating the transformative power not only of music, but of mentorship, Ben Niles’s film is an uplifting look at Juilliard’s Music Advancement Program for inner- city youth. Several diverse and inviting kids are followed for two years as they devote their weekends to developing their musical proficiency, receiving hands-on instruction typically impossible in [...]


New Stop photo

WORLD PREMIERE After David Ourlicht was stopped and searched by the NYPD for no discernible reason, he filed a class-action suit against the City of New York, alleging racial profiling in the police department’s stop-and-frisk policy. Following the charismatic young man over three years as he awaits the trial, Spencer Wolff reveals how David has [...]


1201x782 KEY IMAGE -TOUGH_LOVE_1 copy

NYC PREMIERE What makes a good parent? How do you prove you are one, after you’ve been deemed unfit? Having lost custody of their children to Child Protective Services, two parents in New York City and Seattle fight to win back the trust of the courts and reunite their families in Stephanie Wang-Breal’s moving film. [...]