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Expected to Attend: Lesley Chilcott, writer Nick Davidge, producer Maresa Wickham, Grace Mena, Costa Rican Coffee Exporter/Owner, Del Café Grace Mena Danielle Sacks, Senior Writer – Fast Company

NYC PREMIERE   In equal measures inspiring and endearing, Leslie Chilcott’s film spotlights a group of Costa Rican village women who, seeking a way to offset the economically motivated flight of their husbands and sons from the community, form ASOMOBI, a coffee-growing collective—despite not knowing the first thing about growing coffee. Persevering through a steep learning curve and numerous setbacks, ASOMOBI captures the attention and support of a local exporter, and through her, the international coffee industry.

Screening with Luke Lorentzen’s Santa Cruz del Islote. Inhabitants of a remote Colombian island paradise face an uncertain future in changing times.

Screening followed by a panel featuring Director Lesley Chilcott; Grace Mena, Costa Rican Coffee Exporter/Owner, Del Café Grace Mena; Danielle Sacks, Senior Writer – Fast Company; and more to be announced.

This film is co-presented by Cinema Tropical


Intl. Perspectives


Official Site: http://www.asmallsectionoftheworld.com/
Producer: Lesley Chilcott, Maresa Wickham, Josh Lieberman
Cinematographer: Logan Schneider
Editor: Chris Catanach
Music: Original song by Alanis Morrisette and Carlos Tapado Vargas, Composed by Greg Kuehn
Running Time: 62
Language: English, Spanish, Italian
Country: USA
Year: 2014