Expected to Attend: Director/Producer Rebecca Cammisa; producers James B. Freydberg, Larissa Bills, subjects Robbin Dailey, Dawn Chapman, Karen Nickel, St. Louis hazmat commander Matt LaVanchy, Film Editor Madeleine Gavin, along with subjects Dawn Chapman, Karen Nickel and Robbin Dailey

NYC PREMIERE Oscar® -nominated filmmaker Rebecca Cammisa (Which Way Home, Sister Helen) explores the atomic secrets of St. Louis, Missouri, documenting the history of a uranium processing center. The film investigates how government and corporate negligence led to the illegal dumping of Manhattan Project radioactive waste throughout North County neighborhoods. We witness the power of a citizens’ movement that confronts state and federal agencies in an effort to get to the truth and keep their families safe.

This film is co-presented by Human Rights Watch.



Fight the Power


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Director: Rebecca Cammisa
Producer: James B. Freydberg, Larissa Bills
Cinematographer: Claudia Raschke, Kirsten Johnson, Tom Newcomb, Ryan Doris, Rebecca Cammisa
Editor: Madeleine Gavin
Music: Robert Miller
Running Time: 96
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2017