Expected to Attend: Alex Pitstra

US PREMIERE During the rise of tourism in Tunisia in the 1970s, young local men from poor families would romance European women. It was their business – or “bezness” – in the local parlance. Filmmaker Alex Pitstra was born from such a union and raised by his mother in The Netherlands. As he seeks to reconnect with his father, Alex has to bridge two worlds. He skillfully portrays multiple characters with a novelist’s sense of nuance and psychological complexity.


Intl. Perspectives


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Director: Alex Pitstra
Producer: Niek Koppen, Jan De Ruiter
Cinematographer: Tadeusz Kieniewicz, Alex Pitstra
Editor: Jos Driessen
Music: Renger Koning
Running Time: 93
Language: English, Dutch, Arabic, German
Country: The Netherlands
Year: 2016