Expected to Attend: Douglas Sloan, Hal Buell, Bill Eppridge, James S. Robbins

WORLD PREMIERE “Photographs do lie,” said Eddie Adams who took one of the Vietnam War’s most arresting photos of a point-blank execution. Filmmaker Douglas Sloan (Elliott Erwitt: I Bark at Dogs) investigates this famous image, revealing the complicated back-story of Adams and Nguyen Ngoc Loan, seen in the photo pulling the trigger. Sloan will screen his 15 min short featuring interviews with Peter Arnett, Bill Eppridge, Richard Pyle, Morley Safer and Bob Schieffer; followed by a live conversation about Adams’ legacy and the questions raised by the film.

Co-presented with the International Center of Photography.


Photography on Film
Official Site: http://Saigon68.com
Director: Douglas Sloan
Producer: Tania Sethi
Cinematographer: Jack Donnelly
Editor: Charly Bender
Music: Hank Aberle
Running Time: 15 min
Language: English
Country: USA