Insiders Conference: Archival & Survival Day – Overview

How do we continue to preserve, while continuing to use, archival material in the wake of the digital revolution?

Co-presented by Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors (ACSIL) and the International Documentary Association (IDA)

Bagels & coffee 9:15-10:00am

Morning Manifesto 10:00-10:30am

Shola Lynch discusses the importance of archives from her dual perspectives as a filmmaker (Free Angela and All Political Prisoners, Chisholm ’72: Unbought & Unbossed) and as the Schomburg Center’s motion pictures curator.

Negotiating Rights 10:30-11:40am

How can filmmakers get through the often-arduous process of licensing footage and music? Filmmakers and archival specialists David Peck (Reelin in the Years Productions), Clara Fon-Sing (NBCUniversal Archives), Alison Smith (WGBH), Laurens Grant (The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution) and Marilyn Ness (1971E-Team) discuss how to negotiate the best contracts for for your film. Moderator: Ken Jacobson (IDA).

Monetize Your Outtakes 12:00-1:10pm

Documentary outtakes are often an underutilized resource. Experienced archive licensors Jessica Berman-Bogdan (Global ImageWorks), Domenick Propati (, Mick Reed (Clippn) and Jill Drew (Drew Associates) discuss the potential for putting your outtakes and archives to commercial use. Moderator: Thom Powers

Preservation & Archives 2:00-3:10pm

Even after your film has been finished and distributed, it still requires attention to be preserved for the future. International Documentary Association Executive Director Simon Kilmurry leads a conversation with filmmakers Catherine Murphy (Maestra) and Simon Lund (The Competition), along with Matt White of the Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors and Nicole Martin, Archivist, Human Rights Watch, on the role of preservation in the digital age.

Crafting a Story With Archival 3:30-4:40pm

Archival footage is an integral component to the documentary form. It can be used to give evidence to arguments, as well as elucidate the dialogue that exists between the past and the present. Nan Halperin (ITN Source) Rosemary Rotondi (Missing People, Citizenfour) Sam Cullman (Art & Craft), and Penny Lane (Our Nixon) share insights about using archival material effectively and legally. Moderator: Karen Shatzkin (Shatzkin & Mayer) .

Happy Hour 5:00-6:00pm Co-presented by ACSIL and the IDA.

Attend this day’s events with an All Access Pass, DOC NYC PRO Pass, an Insiders Conference Pass, or Archival & Survival Day Pass. Your pass also includes an onsite Bagel Breakfast 9:15-10, Happy Hour 5-6, and entry to the PRO lounge 9:15-6. Co-presented by Association of Commercial Stock Image Licensors (ACSIL) and the International Documentary Association (IDA)


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