Expected to Attend: Sally Williams; executive producers Suki Dewey, Ariane Dewey Dannasch, Christopher Dewey; subjects Carolee Schneemann Anthony Martin, Lee Breuer, Jon Hendricks, Prof. Andrew V. Uroskie, Leil Lowndes, Yvette Nachmias Baeu

WORLD PREMIERE An unheralded yet pivotal figure in the art world of the 1960s and ’70s, Ken Dewey was a visionary artist and iconoclast. In his too-brief career, he introduced sitespecific participatory happenings to audiences in Europe and America and supported other artists through his position at the New York State Council on the Arts. With unprecedented access to Dewey’s extensive archive, and through interviews with contemporaries like Carolee Schneemann and Don McLean, Sally Jean Williams cements his lasting influence on our cultural landscape.


Art + Design


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Director: Sally Jean Williams
Producer: Sally Jean Williams
Cinematographer: Thorsten Thielow, Alex Hubert, Axel Baumann, Frazer Bradshaw, Tony Mewse, Matthew Gormly
Editor: Justin Redding
Music: Terry Riley, Don McLean, Odetta, Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper
Running Time: 90
Language: English, Swedish
Country: USA, New Zealand
Year: 2016