Expected to Attend: Doug Pray (first screening only)

NYC PREMIERE Last year, renowned contemporary artist Michael Heizer saw the realization of a project first conceived in 1968—the suspension of an enormous boulder above a walkway. This new film by Doug Pray (Art & CopyScratch, Surfwise) captures the logistical hurdles and sheer spectacle of the 340-ton granite rock’s eleven-day road trip from a quarry across 105 miles, through 22 cities, to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for its installation. Along the way, curious, bemused, and even angry onlookers reflect on the nature of art in society.


Art + Design


Official Site: http://www.levitatedmassthefilm.com/
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Levitated-Mass/333325200052934
Director: DOUG PRAY
Producer: Jamie Patricof & Lynette Howell
Cinematographer: Chris Chomyn
Editor: Doug Pray
Music: Akron/Family
Running Time: 89 min.
Language: English & French
Country: USA