Expected to Attend: Maxine Trump, Bob Taylor, Special Guests

WORLD PREMIERE Musicwood is a documentary that needs to be seen by anyone who cares about guitar music. For hundreds of years guitars have been made the same way, but now, that could all change. A band of famous guitar-makers (Bob Taylor, Chris Martin and Dave Berryman of Gibson) travel together into a primeval rain forest. Their mission: negotiate with Native American loggers before it’s too late for acoustic guitars. The result is the funny, complex and heartbreaking story of a profound cultural conflict and a battle over natural resources. Artists featured in the film: Kaki King, Steve Earle, Yo La Tengo, The Antlers, Lampchop, Turin Brakes and Sergius Gregory.


Sonic Cinema
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Director: Maxine Trump
Producer: Maxine Trump & Josh Granger
Cinematographer: Curt Wallin
Editor: Josh Granger
Music: Clean Cuts Music
Running Time: 75 min
Language: English
Country: USA