2015 Alumni

Artists and their art. Sideshow of the Absurd (USA, 14 min., Tina DiFeliciantonio, Jane C. Wagner) profiles antique carnival attractions. Cindy Sherman: “Untitled Film Stills” (USA, 4 min., Douglas Sloan) puts the famed photographer’s early work into focus. Colors of Life (Japan, 14 min., Goro Ushijima) explores the Japanese practice of creating colors found in nature. Artspeak (USA, 16 min., Bill Claps) affectionately critiques art world jargon. A force of nature in the New York art scene, Bernice (USA, 56 30 min., Kristina Sorge) has devoted her life to championing artists in their work and lives.




Running Time: 78
Year: 2015