Expected to Attend: Director Jonathan Miller; Producers Colin Bernatzky, Katharine Accardo; Editor Kent Bassett; Subjects David Finklestein, Sara Parks, Raafat Toss

WORLD PREMIERE So an Egyptian lawyer, a couch-surfing custodian and an Orthodox Jew walk into a comedy club… and end up in a documentary. Standing Up follows these three unlikely aspiring stand-up comics, willing to risk everything in pursuit of their dreams of making it in comedy. Director Jonathan Miller tells their story with warmth and humor, taking us into the heart of New York City’s downtown open-mic scene, where would-be comics put it all on the line for laughs.





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Director: Jonathan Miller
Producer: Jonathan Miller, Colin Bernatzky, Katharine Accardo
Cinematographer: Jonathan Miller, Colin Bernatzky
Editor: Kent Bassett, Jonathan Miller
Music: Lior Rosner and Marco Valerio Antonini
Running Time: 74
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2017