Expected to Attend: Director/Producer Kristi Jacobson; Director Roger Ross Williams; producers Christopher Clements, Julie Goldman, Carolyn Hepburn; executive producers John Hoffman, Jon Bardin; editors Jean Tsien, John Fisher; directors of photography Nelson Hume, Tom Bergmann; composer T. Griffin; associate producers Marissa Ericson, Sean Lyness; prodcution coordinator Ayesha Nadarajah; film subjects Pete Malinowski, Murray Fisher, John Cronin, Katie Mosher, Jeremy Esposito

On Governor’s Island, an ambitious program works to restore once-bountiful oysters and the environmental benefits they bring to New York Harbor. Take Back the Harbor highlights students at a remarkable public high school where environmental stewardship is part of the curriculum. Courtesy of Discovery/Motto Pictures.


Short List: Shorts


Director: Kristi Jacobson, Roger Ross Williams
Producer: EP John Hoffman, EP Jon Bardin, Producer Christopher Clements, Producer Julie Goldman, Producer Carolyn Hepburn, Producer Kristi Jacobson
Cinematographer: Nelson Hume, Tom Bergmann
Editor: Langdon Page, Jean Tsien, John Steven Fisher
Music: T. Griffin
Running Time: 39
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2018