Expected to Attend: Director Tom Donahue, Subjects Kenneth Toone, Dr. Mark Russell, William Rodriguez, Phil Straub, General Petraeus, General Loree Sutton, Luigino Lobello, and Jake Clark

WORLD PREMIERE In the face of disturbing statistics of military veteran suicides and an epidemic of PTSD, it’s undeniable that America’s soldiers are in the midst of a mental health crisis. Through the stories of several struggling vets, Tom Donahue frankly explores why the military was not better prepared for the impact of combat in Afghanistan and Iraq on our service members, the lessons forgotten from past wars and the need for widescale reform to prevent the loss of a generation of brave men and women.

This screening is co-presented with The Nation.


Amer. Perspectives


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Director: Tom Donahue
Producer: Ilan Arboleda, p.g.a. Tom Donahue, p.g.a. Matt Tyson, Exec Producer: Gerry Sprayregen Co-Exec Producer: Regina Scully Co-Producers: Patty Casby, Jacques Levy, Kate Lacey, Steve Edwards
Cinematographer: Peter Bolte, Justin Garcia
Editor: Jill Schweitzer
Music: Leigh Roberts
Running Time: 88
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2015