KEY IMAGE THE AGE OF CONSEQUENCES (PF Pictures, Mike McSweeney) copy


Expected to Attend: Jared P. Scott; executive producer Sophie Robinson

NYC PREMIERE Taking an eye-opening approach to climate change, The Age of Consequences reframes concern for the environment into a question of international security. Viewed by the U.S. military and security experts as a “threat multiplier” ¬†for instability, climate change is repositioned at the heart of current global unrest. Droughts and floods lead to food shortages, conflict over resources and mass displacement. Will the world succumb to these cascading disasters or take steps to prevent them?




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Director: Jared P. Scott
Producer: Sophie Robinson, Jared P. Scott, Kelly Nyks
Cinematographer: Mike McSweeney
Editor: Hypatia A. Porter
Music: Malcolm Francis
Running Time: 80
Language: English
Country: USA, Syria, Egypt, Spain, Sudan
Year: 2016