Expected to Attend: Directors Hunter Robert Baker and Jordan Fein; writer/editor Ricardo Acosta C.C.E.; executive producer Raoul Max Trujillo; associate producer Laura Ball; editor Brett Banks; film subject Lawrence Gilmore

NYC PREMIERE Deep in the Navajo Nation, one family struggles to honor their ancestry while embracing the future. Lawrence, a single father, is employed by Peabody Energy, a company tearing apart his sacred homeland for coal. As he contends with the contradictions between his work and his heritage, his secretive teenage daughter, Caitlin, finds herself going against tradition to discover her own identity. With unparalleled access to reservation life and the palpable trust of their onscreen subjects, filmmakers Hunter Robert Baker and Jordan Fein craft a poetic and deeply moving family portrait.

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Amer. Perspectives


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Director: Hunter Robert Baker and Jordan Fein
Executive Producer: Raoul Max Trujillo
Producer: Jordan Fein and Hunter Robert Baker
Cinematographer: Hunter Robert Baker
Editor: Ricardo Acosta C.C.E., Brett Banks, Jordan Fein, Lance Edmands
Music: Kevin Kiner and David Russell
Running Time: 74
Language: English, Navajo
Country: USA
Year: 2018