Expected to Attend: Director James Erskine; producer Victoria Gregory; film subjects Nathan Birch, Tim Murphy, Cathy Foulkes, William Whitener

NYC PREMIERE Acknowledged as one of the greatest figure skaters of all time, John Curry was arguably the first openly gay athlete to compete in the Olympics, winning gold at the 1976 games. After he retired from competing, Curry cultivated a new art form, ice dancing, merging his two loves: ballet and skating. His dance company became an instant sensation, but success was short-lived as AIDS emerged. The Ice King celebrates this pioneering figure and reintroduces him to a new generation.

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2018 - The Ice King





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Director: James Erskine
Executive Producer: Anna Godas, Oli Harbottle, Kirsty Bell, Tony Miller, Emma Cahusac, Alex Holmes
Producer: James Erskine, Victoria Gregory
Cinematographer: James Erskine
Editor: Stephen Parkinson
Music: The Bratislava Symphony Orchestra
Running Time: 89
Language: English
Country: UK
Year: 2018