Expected to Attend: Director Alyssa Fedele, subject James Kofi Annan

NYC PREMIERE Surrounding Ghana’s Lake Volta  the largest man-made lake on Earth  is an active child-slavery industry. Sold by desperate families and abused by fishing masters, some 20,000 children work in perilous conditions. Activists like Stephen Kwame Addo, who escaped from such a fate himself, work to rescue as many children as possible and rehabilitate them before attempting to reunite them with their families. This ultimately hopeful film intimately documents the experiences of three boys as they make the transition back to normal life after their harrowing ordeal.



Gertrude has dedicated her life to delivering children in her rural Ugandan village.

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Fight the Power


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Director: Alyssa Fedele, Zachary Fink
Executive Producer: Steve James
Producer: Alyssa Fedele, Zachary Fink, Davis Coombe
Cinematographer: Zachary Fink
Editor: Alyssa Fedele, Davis Coombe
Music: William Ryan Fritch
Running Time: 81
Language: Twi, Fante, Ewe, Ga, Ada, Efutu, English
Country: USA
Year: 2018