Expected to Attend: Director/Producer Jennifer Redfearn, Director of Photography Tim Metzger, Editor David Teague, Composer T. Griffin

NYC PREMIERE Havana, Cuba. An up-and-coming singer searches for confidence, a young woman in love longs for motherhood and a veteran of the Revolution comes to terms with the death of her husband. Three women, united by blindness and a desire for independence, guide us through Cuba’s current economic and social landscape while pursuing their dreams and breaking through personal and societal limitations.

This screening is co-presented by Cinema Tropical and New York Women in Film and Television.

This film is proceeded by THE 100 YEARS SHOW.

Post-screening reception on Nov. 15 co-presented by World Channel.


Intl. Perspectives


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Director: Jennifer Redfearn
Producer: Tim Metzger and Jennifer Redfearn
Cinematographer: Tim Metzger
Editor: David Teague
Music: T. Griffin
Running Time: 72
Language: English, Spanish
Country: USA
Year: 2015