Expected to Attend: Anna Wexler, Nadja Oertelt, subjects Tzipi Altman, Jake Polansky, Sarah Berkovich, band members Perl Wolfe, Dalia Shusterman

NYC PREMIERE Though raised in a Modern Orthodox Jewish New Jersey household, director Anna Wexler rejected religion as a teen, finding friends with similar backgrounds. After they studied in Israel, however, these once-rebellious friends re-committed to their faith, puzzling her in the process. Teaming with Nadja Oertelt, who was raised secular, Anna follows three diverse Modern Orthodox teens to see what effect a year at yeshiva in Israel will have on them.

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Take a look at the story of Israel’s BRAVE MISS WORLD and our other Jewish-themed films.

Screening with Sarah Berkovich’s The Bulletproof Stockings. Two women bridge their passion for music and their Orthodox faith by forming a Hasidic alternative rock band that only plays for women.

Director: Sarah Berkovich; Producer: Sarah Berkovich; Cinematographer: Sarah Berkovich & Leslie Tai; Editor: Sarah Berkovich; Music: The Bulletproof Stockings




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Producer: Nadja Oertelt & Anna Wexler
Cinematographer: Nadja Oertelt
Editor: Mark Juergens & Anna Wexler
Music: Mark Suozzo
Running Time: 90 min.
Language: English & Hebrew
Country: USA