Expected to Attend: Michael Kleiman

WORLD PREMIERE Director Michael Kleiman follows Peruvian families living in remote regions as their children experience the One Laptop per Child program, gaining access to the Internet for the first time. Web considers both the benefits and complications that arise from digital connections. Alongside the poignant and sometimes humorous local stories, Kleiman interviews leading thinkers on the Internet including author Clay Shirky, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales and One Laptop founder Nicholas Negroponte for an insightful look at our times.

NOTE: The first screening is SOLD-OUT. Based on last-minute availability, a limited number of tickets may be released 15 minutes before showtime on a first come, first served basis to patrons in the RUSH LINE.

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Official Site: www.ahumanright.org/web
On Twitter: righteouspix
On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WEBthefilm?ref=hl
Producer: Michael Pertnoy, Michael Kleiman, Stefan Nowicki, & Joey Carey
Cinematographer: Humberto Saco, Cesar Fajardo, Josh Miller, & Julien Diaz
Editor: Michael Kleiman & Michael Pertnoy
Music: Dan Teicher
Running Time: 84 min.
Language: English & Spanish
Country: USA