Expected to Attend: Director Ky Dickens; producers Alexis Jaworski, Amy McIntyre, cinematographer Michael Ognisanti, editor CJ Arellano, composer Rachael Cantu, subject Ellen Bravo, Elizabeth de León Bhargava, Esq., Deputy Secretary for Labor & Workforce

NYC PREMIERE In most countries, workers are given several weeks of paid leave and job security should they need time off to care for a newborn or a sick relative or to tend to a personal health emergency. Only two nations offer exactly zero weeks: Papua New Guinea and the United States, where individuals are often forced to choose between keeping their job or taking care of their family or health. Through powerful human stories, director Ky Dickens demonstrates the urgent need to address this vital issue.



Fight the Power


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Director: Ky Dickens
Producer: Alexis Jaworski, Ky Dickens, Amy McIntyre
Cinematographer: Michael Ognisanti
Editor: CJ Arellano
Music: Rachael Cantu
Running Time: 86
Language: English
Country: USA
Year: 2017