A Cautionary Tale of Endless Beauty and Limited Resources


  Written by Megan Scanlon   The muted emeralds of the archipelagos, the soft vibrant jewel tones of blue ocean, and an endless sky commanded the lush and stunning cinematography of the NYC premiere of The Islands and the Whales. Directed by Mike Day, the film transported the audience to the Faroe Islands. Positioned between […]

Reaching for Infinity with John Coltrane on Closing Night


  Written by Krystal Grow   “Some people play jazz, some people play reggae or blues. John Coltrane played life.” – Carlos Santana in Chasing Trane   John Coltrane’s music was truly larger than life. Complex and innovative, it was full of ideas about the afterlife, about the worlds that exist beyond our own, and […]

The Music That Makes Movies Come to Life


  Written by Eric Shea   For movie buffs and music buffs alike, DOC NYC’s screening of Score gives a brilliant behind the scenes look at how the music from countless classic films comes to life. The film weaves a narrative through the history of movie music, from its humble beginnings with a singular pianist […]

At Westbeth, Art is Ageless


  Written by Rebecca DeRosa   Winter at Westbeth premiered at DOC NYC Wednesday night and proves that the soul of an artist doesn’t age and doesn’t die. Australian director Rohan Spong tells the stories of Edith Stephen, Dudley Williams, and Ilsa Gilbert—three New Yorkers who have resided for decades at Westbeth, an affordable housing […]

That’s a Wrap!

  Thank you to all the sponsors, filmmakers, staff, volunteers and audiences who made this festival possible. Once again, DOC NYC was an incredible eight-day celebration of nonfiction filmmaking. We look forward to welcoming you back next year. Save the dates: November 9—16, 2017!

And the award goes to…

Award Winners Blog

Three juries selected films from each of the festival’s Viewfinders, Metropolis and Shorts sections to recognize for their outstanding achievements in form and content. Festival audiences voted for the DOC NYC Audience Award, and a panel of industry professionals voted to select the winner of this year’s new DOC NYC PRO Pitch Perfect Award. Viewfinders […]

Fortitude at the Finish Line


  Written by Megan Scanlon   Life can change in an instant. At any given moment, our worlds can implode. How do we move forward, how can we heal? How do we respond to tragedy, and how does the world respond? Marathon: The Patriots Day Bombing investigates these questions as directors Ricki Stern and Annie […]

Beekeeping and the Business of Family


  Written by Kate Hoos   Many of us can relate to being caught between two worlds, the old and the new, the past and the present, and the tension between parent and child. Director Diedie Weng explores these dynamics in The Beekeeper and His Son, which made its North American premiere at DOC NYC […]

A Modern Day Love Letter to an Analog Writing Machine


  Written by Megan Scanlon   Watching California Typewriter is an immersive experience, and the DOC NYC audience was treated to the film’s NYC premiere last Sunday night. Directed by Doug Nichol, the film is named after a Berkeley, California typewriter repair shop, one of the last vestiges of an analog era, and unfolds the history […]

Burning Down Barriers


  Written by Rebecca DeRosa   In a time when 88 percent of the FDNY was white and male, one woman broke the mold to become the very first openly transgender firefighter of New York City. First Lady of NYC, Chirlane McCray, appeared at the world premiere screening of  Woman on Fire, directed by Julie […]