DOC NYC Live 2020

From November 11 though the 24, DOC NYC curated live conversations with filmmakers and special guests on Facebook Live. You can find the archive of content by going to

Recorded LIVE Events:

Wednesday, Nov 11; Co-presented by XTR

1:00 pm – Werner Herzog & Clive Oppenheimer
The filmmakers behind the volcano documentary Into the Inferno discuss their new film about meteors, Fireball: Visitors from Darker Worlds, coming to Apple TV+. Watch the Facebook Live here.

2:00 pm – Inside the DOC NYC Short List
DOC NYC’s Thom Powers, Basil Tsiokos, and Opal H. Bennett discuss this year’s picks of 15 features and 12 shorts that are leading contenders for awards season. Watch the Facebook Live here.

3:00 pm – Focus on Shorts
DOC NYC Shorts Programmer Opal H. Bennett and Associate Programmer Samah Ali give insights on how to navigate the festival’s eight collections of short docs. Watch the Facebook Live here.

Thursday, Nov. 12; Co-presented by XTR

Noon – Truth to Power: Barbara Lee Speaks for Me 
Three U.S. Congress members – Rep. Barbara Lee (CA), Rep. Karen Bass (CA), and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (MA) – talk to filmmaker Abby Ginzberg. Watch the Facebook Live here.

1:00 pm – Los Hermanos/The Brothers 
Harlem Quartet member Ilmar Gavilán and his brother Aldo López-Gavilán reunite for a conversation with filmmakers Marcia Jarmel & Ken Schneider. Watch the Facebook Live here.

2:00 pm – Zappa 
Filmmaker Alex Winter and film editor Mike J Nichols discuss bringing the life of Frank Zappa to screen. Watch the Facebook Live here.

3:00 pm – Dope Is Death
Acupuncturist Juan Cortez joins filmmaker Mia Donovan to discuss her film about how the Black Panthers and Young Lords brought healing techniques to drug-ravaged neighborhoods. Watch the Facebook Live here.

Friday, Nov. 13; Co-presented by Hulu

Noon – The Reason I Jump 
Novelist David Mitchell (Cloud Atlas) talks to filmmaker Jerry Rothwell about his award-winning film about the lives of nonverbal autistic young people. Watch the Facebook Live here.

1:00 pm – The Walrus and the Whistleblower
Phil Demers, the Marineland whistleblower of the title, is joined by another water park whistleblower, Jeff Ventre (Blackfish), to discuss their actions with filmmaker Nathalie Bibeau. Watch the Facebook Live here.

2:00 pm – Duty Free
Filmmaker Sian-Pierre Regis is joined by his mother, Rebecca Danigelis, to discuss his film, previously the subject of the popular recent New York Times article, “My Retirement Plan Is You.” Watch the Facebook Live here.

3:00 pm – Television Event 
Filmmaker Jeff Daniels and Nick Meyer (director of The Day After) are joined by Ted Koppel to discuss Daniels’s world premiere documentary about the 1983 TV movie The Day After about nuclear war. Watch the Facebook Live here.

Saturday, Nov. 14

Noon – The Dissident
Chess grandmaster and political activist Garry Kasparov joins Oscar-winning filmmaker Bryan Fogel (Icarus) to discuss his new film about the murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Watch the Facebook Live here.

1:00 pm – Through the Night 
Director Loira Limbal talks to Firelight Media’s Stanley Nelson about telling Black stories in this moment, focusing on her film about childcare providers. Watch the Facebook Live here.

2:00 pm – Finding Yingying
Gordon Quinn (Executive Producer and founder of Kartemquin) talks to filmmaker Jiayan “Jenny” Shi about her film on the mysterious disappearance of an international student from a Midwest university. Watch the Facebook Live here.

3:00 pm – Restaurant Hustle 2020: All on the Line 
Celebrity restaurateurs Antonia Lofaso, Marcus Samuelsson, Maneet Chauhan, and Christian Petroni join filmmakers Guy Fieri and Frank Matson to discuss how their industry is struggling under the pandemic. Watch the Facebook Live here.

Sunday,  Nov. 15

Noon – Elder’s Corner Filmmakers Siji Awoyinka and Ade Bantu are joined by singer Taiwo Lijadu of the celebrated Lijadu Sisters and record collector and archivist Osita Anienwelu to discuss their film about Nigerian music and history. Watch the Facebook Live here.

1:00 pm – Chasing Childhood 
How do you navigate parenting during Covid-19? Hear from the experts: Superintendent of Schools in Long Island Dr. Michael Hynes; author and co-founder of nonprofit Let Grow, Lenore Skenazy; and Clinical Psychologist Catherine Steiner-Adair in conversation with filmmaker Eden Wurmfeld. Watch the Facebook Live here.

2:00 pm – A La Calle 
Venezuela’s human rights crisis, the subject of A La Calle, is analyzed through the expertise of Acting Americas Deputy Director of Human Rights Watch Tamara Taraciuk Broner and Executive Director of UCLA’s The Promise Institute for Human Rights Kate Mackintosh. Watch the Facebook Live here.

3:00 pm – Since I Been Down
Activist and philosopher Angela Davis joins prosecuting attorney Dan Satterberg, Executive Director of Abolitionist Law Center Robert Saleem Holbrook, and filmmaker Gilda Sheppard to discuss the themes of incarceration and redemption raised by the film. Watch the Facebook Live here.

Monday, Nov. 16

Noon – The Big Scary “S” Word 
Philosopher Cornel West joins filmmaker Yael Bridge and author Astra Taylor to discuss the “S” word: Socialism. Watch the Facebook Live here.

1:00 pm – The Mole Agent 
Award-winning filmmaker Maite Alberdi discusses her humorous detective story documentary with producer Marcela Santibáñez and executive producers Julie Goldman, Christopher Clements, and Carolyn Hepburn. Watch the Facebook Live here.

2:00 pm – The Meaning of Hitler 
Writer Francine Prose joins the head of Hannah Arendt Center Roger Berkowitz and filmmakers Michael Tucker and Petra Epperlein for a conversation about Hitler’s legacy today. Watch the Facebook Live here.

3:00 pm – No Ordinary Man 
The life of jazz musician and trans cultural icon Billy Tipton is explored by filmmakers Aisling Chin-Yee and Chase Joynt with memoirist Thomas Page McBee (Man Alive). Watch the Facebook Live here.

Tuesday, Nov. 17

Noon – Calendar Girl
The legacy of fashion legend Ruth Finley is explored by fashion designer Nicole Miller; creator of New York Fashion Week Fern Mallis; former InStyle editor Eric Wilson; President & CEO of Fashion Group International Maryanne Grisz; director Christian Bruun; Christina Neault, Fashion and Event Producer, former Executive Producer of IMG Fashion and producer Natalie Nudell. Watch on Facebook Live here.

1:00 pm – Acasa, My Home
Filmmaker Radu Ciorniciuc will be in conversation with Raluca Negulescu-Balaci, the Executive Director of UiPath Foundation. Watch on Facebook Live here.

2:00 pm – Beautiful Something Left Behind 
Exploring the film’s themes of how children cope with grief, we hear the expertise of Joe Primo (Good Grief), Vivian Nunez (Too Damn Young), Rebecca Soffer (Modern Loss), and author Carole Geithner. Watch on Facebook Live here.

3:00 pm – Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story
Remote Area Medical CEO Jeff Eastman and healthcare reform activist Wendell Potter join filmmaker Paul Michael Angell to discuss the legacy of Stan Brock and the current state of healthcare provision for underserved Americans. Watch on Facebook Live here.

4:00 pm – Beyond Resilience
Firelight Media and DOC NYC co-present this 90-minute conversation inspired by Sahar Driver’s Beyond Inclusion report on the role of POC led filmmaker organizations, commissioned by Ford Foundation’s JustFilms. Driver is joined by Chloe Walters-Wallace (Firelight’s Groundwork initiative), Madeleine Lim (San Francisco’s QWOCMAP), Kique (A-Doc Puerto Rico), and Miriam Bale (Indie Memphis). Watch on Facebook Live here.

Wednesday, Nov. 18

Noon – DOC NYC Awards Presentation
The festival’s programming team delivers a live announcement of the Jury Prize winners in the competition sections of Viewfinders, Metropolis, Shorts, and Short Lists. Watch the Facebook Live here.

1:00 pm – Harlem Rising: A Community Changing the Odds
We discuss the Harlem Children’s Zone with Founder Geoffrey Canada, CEO Kwame Owusu Kesse, graduate Amber Deas, board member Stanley Druckenmiller, and Senior Manager and Executive Producer Marlene Fox. Watch the Facebook Live here.

2:00 pm – Nasrin 
Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh was just released from prison on November 7. Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian leads a discussion of Sotoudeh’s work with Iran women’s rights activist Mansoureh Shojaee and filmmakers Jeff Kaufman & Marcia Ross. Watch the Facebook Live here.

3:00 pm – Love & Stuff 
Filmmaker Judith Helfand is joined by editors Marina Katz and David Cohen. They will be talking about the collaborative and creative process that went into making LOVE & STUFF, specifically, how and why it takes a “we” to make a first-person “I” movie, truly resonant and universal. Watch the Facebook Live here.

Friday, Nov. 20 

Noon – Welcome to DOC NYC Encore
The festival is extending for 10 days of access to over 70 feature documentaries available on the platform through November 29. The festival team of Executive Director Raphaela Neihausen, Artistic Director Thom Powers and Director of Programming Basil Tsiokos preview what to watch for in Encore. Watch the Facebook Live here.

1:00 pm – Shut Up Sona
Indian filmmaker Deepti Gupta and singer Sona Mohapatra discuss their film about fighting for gender equality in the music industry. Watch the Facebook Live here.

2:00 pm – La Madrina: The [Savage] Life of Lorine Padilla
Filmmaker Raquel Cepeda is joined by her film’s star Lorine Padilla along with executive producer Henry Chalfant (Style Wars) and editor Sonia Gonzalez-Martinez. Watch the Facebook Live here.

Saturday, Nov. 21

1:00 pm – ’Til Kingdom Come
Israeli filmmakers Maya Zinshtein and Abie Troen discuss their timely film about the political alliance between American evangelicals and Israel’s right-wing. Watch the Facebook Live here.

2:00 pm – Can You Bring It: Bill T. Jones and D-Man in the Waters
Tom Hurwitz, Sean Curran, Brandon Mathis and Rosalynde LeBlanc discuss her world premiere that chronicles the love story between dancers Bill T. Jones and Arnie Zane. Watch the Facebook Live here.

Sunday, Nov. 22

1:00 pm –Ronnie’s
Director Oliver Murray and editor Paul Trewatha discusses the history of the London jazz club Ronnie Scott’s featuring footage of musical greats Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker, Nina Simone and more. Watch the Facebook Live here.

2:00 pm – Baby God
Director Hannah Olson is joined by Brad Gulko and Wendi Babst to discuss their film about a fertility doctor who secretly used his own sperm to impregnate his clients. Watch the Facebook Live here.

Monday, Nov. 23

1:00 pm – The Jump
Filmmaker Giedrė Žickytė and Uldis Cekulis discuss this Cold War story about a Lithuanian sailor Simas Kudirka who tried to jump onto a US Coast Guard vessel to seek asylum. Watch the Facebook Live here.

2:00 pm – Made You Look: A True Story About Fake Art
Filmmaker Barry Avrich and editor Tiffany Beaudin discuss one of the largest art frauds in American history centered at a New York gallery. Watch the Facebook Live here.

3:00 pm – For the Love of Rutland
Filmmaker Jennifer Maytorena Taylor and Author Matt Hongoltz-Hetling (A Libertarian Walks Into a Bear) discuss the city dynamics in Rutland, Vermont. Watch the Facebook Live here.

Tuesday, Nov. 24

1:00 pm – The Dilemma of Desire
Director Maria Finitzo is joined by producers Cynthia Kane and Diane Quon to discuss their film about the clitoris, female pleasure and gender politics. Watch the Facebook Live here.

2:00 pm – Stateless
Director Michèle Stephenson, Rosa Iris Diendomi, Clarivel Ruiz, and Eddie Paulino discuss the plight of Dominicans of Haitian descent, who have been stripped of their citizenship by the biased nationalist policies of the Dominican Republic. Watch the Facebook Live here.